End Of A Working Week

Posted on Friday 17th August 2007 at 00:00
As so often happens, I seem to have been struck down with a nasty case of the old writer's block once again, and it is most frustrating.

Having apparently worked through each and every one of my stored up blog ideas that I still think worth writing about, I had expected to be happy and free to post about whatever came to mind today. However, by very great misfortune, I found myself at work all this week, a place where it is quite rare for me to find anything interesting to talk about at all. Not only that, but the time I've spent in work is time I could have been elsewhere, soaking up the inspiration like a sponge.

This is not to say of course that I've done nothing except work and sleep. Quite the opposite actually, having spent many an enjoyable evening this week in the company of friends, but whilst a good time was had by all, there was nothing worth writing a post about here.

So, where does that leave us? Well, right now it is 20 past 6 on a Friday afternoon and I am in my flat, sat in my big comfy chair typing this. It is getting increasingly dark in the room, although outside still seems fairly bright, and I shall probably resort to the sin that is electrical lighting soon. I've not had dinner yet, which means the kitchen is blessedly free of dirty pots, pans and trays for a change.

There is also no music playing, which seems odd as I feel in the mood for some easy listening jazz. Not sure if I own anything that fits the bill, but maybe I'll find something on the internet. I appear to still be in my work clothes, which is a mistake on a Friday evening, so I shall have to change shortly. Then I shall tidy all the paper work and general rubbish off my desk so that I can later gain happiness from its tidiness once more.

Perhaps a book is in order this evening? Or a film? Earlier I read a friend's blog which included a quotation from When Harry Met Sally, and now I want to watch the film. I guess we shall see what I'm in the mood for later.

I think whatever I do, it is becoming increasingly clear that writing this is not the best use of my time, no matter how little else I have to do. Hopefully I'll have come up with something more news worthy by tomorrow.

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