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Posted on Tuesday 14th August 2007 at 00:00
One of the key factors that can affect a blog is where it is written. Or to put it another way, whether it is written 'somewhere? or 'nowhere?. Most bloggers fall into one of two camps: Those who state where they are blogging from and those who never mention anything about their location.

The former group of bloggers can usually be divided in two again: Those who mention their locations merely in passing, and those who make it a keen feature of their blogs. Petite Anglaise for example makes Paris an important aspect of her blog and will often talk specifically about the places in the city that she visits. Other blogs, such as this one, make no secret of where they are written from yet fail to take advantage of these locations as sources of information for readers.

I live in Bristol, the 8th largest city in the UK. It has approximately 80,000 visitors coming in every weekend, most (if not all) of whom do not read this blog. But, for the few who do, perhaps I am doing them a disservice by not talking more about the city I call my home. After all, I pass places of interest every day: bars worth checking out; interesting tourist attractions; good places to get a coffee when it's raining...

Blogs are supposed to be about a person's experiences, and I love the ones that go out of their way to talk about the world around them in an interesting and informative way. The same is true of course for books and films. The best - for me anyway - are the ones that use real settings and really try to give a feel for the places in which they are based.

I write about this now because I have moved to Kingswood, a charming little suburb of Bristol, and somewhere that I feel is well worth writing about in future. I've not yet explored much of the town, and my knowledge of local amenities is poor at best, but as this situation changes, I hope to be able to keep my readers abreast of my discoveries in the local area, as well as the city as a whole.

And who knows, perhaps one day someone will drop into the comments box and tell me how their visit to this wonderful city was enhanced by what I say on the subject. I certainly hope so anyway!

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