A Saturday In Summer

Posted on Sunday 12th August 2007 at 00:00
I'm standing in a kitchen in Yateley chatting to a small group of friends. The clock on the wall tells me that it's almost midnight and the day's festivities are coming to an end. I look back over the previous 9 hours or so and decide that it's been a rather good day.

Some would suggest my Saturday epitomises everything that is good about summer in England: meeting for a BBQ with friends; sitting in a garden drinking Pimm's in the sun, whilst chatting merrily with people you've known, seemingly, forever; retreating inside when it gets too hot, to convene in the lounge and play on the host's Nintendo Wii; an impromptu murder mystery, with props for each character gathered from around the house; delicious BBQ food.

In the evening we find ourselves sat on blankets in the garden once more, surrounded by a ring of tea lights. We lie around chatting and joking, huddling for warmth under yet more blankets, whilst watching the sky for shooting stars.

Now though, we are back in the kitchen. Many of the guests have left already, and those of us who remain will be following shortly. Though I cannot be anything but cheerful after such a pleasant day, a small part of me is regretful that the fun has come to an end, and that such days, which a couple of years ago were the norm for my friends and I, are now a fleetingly rare occurrence, even during the endless university summer holidays.

I look forward to the stage in my life where these things become more frequent again, with new friends as well as old; perhaps neighbours and work colleagues. People who I am friendly enough with to enjoy their company no matter what, and who I don't have to drive nearly a hundred miles to see.

I push these thoughts to the back of my mind, thank my friendly host and join the queue of people in the hall to gather my possessions and depart.

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