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Posted on Wednesday 8th August 2007 at 00:00
Well dear reader(s), I said I'd be back Wednesday and here I am, fresh faced and with a brand new internet connection from BT. Actually they somewhat excelled themselves in the end by providing my phone and internet connection a full 24 hours early. I could have posted yesterday therefore, full of happiness and praise for our national telecoms provider, but by the time I had finished setting everything up, it was just a little too late at night to begin writing anything.

Instead, the plan was to write this morning, right after I'd finished unpacking the very last box of rubbish to try and hide away somewhere in The New Place. However, all these plans went a little tits up when I received a knock on my door and found a courier standing there with my brand new and shiny BT Home Hub. As I took the package from him I thought to myself That's funny, they seem to be shipping the limited edition black home hubs in the same box as the bog standard white ones.

When I opened the box a few minutes later, the previous thought was followed by this one: That's funny, they've sent me a bog standard white hub when I should have had the sexy limited edition black one that comes automatically with my pricing plan. This one doesn't even have a phone with it.

Although I will probably phone BT and complain about this tomorrow, it has paled into insignificance after the long afternoon I've spent trying to establish any sort of wireless connection between my desktop computer and this new hub thing. I can get a wired connection ok, and I can get a wireless one to my laptop with no trouble at all, but for some reason I am totally unable to get the desktop online without stretching a 10 metre long cable across my living room floor, as I am doing now.

Needless to say, if I can't sort it out tonight, I may just have to mention this to BT as well when I phone them tomorrow.

And I've still not finished unpacking those damn boxes...

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