Excuses For Not Posting

Posted on Monday 6th August 2007 at 00:00
So I'm taking advantage of my parent's internet access to do a quick bit of blogging for the first time in ages! No, I haven't deserted you; and I know it is the summer lull, but I still feel guilty for going so long without posting anything.

The reason for my silence has been a general lack of internet and lack of time for a little while now. To cut a long story short: last Tuesday I moved from the house in Fishponds that I have shared with J and H since last September to a new flat in Kingswood, which I occupy all by my happy self. Some people would suggest that there is nothing worse than living alone, but personally it suits me down to the ground.

The scheduled moving in day was on the same day as I had to move out of the Fishponds place. This meant that I had to pack everything in advance, ready to spend Tuesday frantically shuttling it all the 10 minutes drive between old and new accommodation.

Once I'd made the move I was forced to settle for a life free of internet for a time. Unfortunately for my poor blog, it wasn't until two days before the move that I finally received the confirmation that I'd been accepted as a tenant in The New Place. Because of this, I didn't want to phone up BT prematurely to arrange for the transfer of my phone and broadband account. Since BT is an archaic institution, with no grasp whatsoever of the concept that when someone says they want internet, they want it now, not in a year, I've sadly got to wait until next Wednesday for an engineer to be in my area to activate the line.

Given that (by my rough estimation) you can drive to Bristol from any part of Britain in no more than 6 hours, and given that BT stands for British Telecoms and so should therefore be based in Britain, I'm afraid I honestly can't see why the line couldn't have been active by the time I moved in. Even travelling on horse back, I doubt it would take a week and a half to reach me so I can only assume that the guy must be coming from China.

On foot.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've been without internet for a while now, and am more than a little grouchy about it. I had planned to write posts offline each day and then post them when I got a connection, but it's amazing what a full day of assembling Ikea furniture can do for taking away any interest in being alive, never mind awake and typing.

I shall, however, try and put some time aside to write up one or two of my long overdue posting ideas over the next few days, so that when I get my very own internet connection midweek, I will once again have something to tell you about.

Sorry for being shit.

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