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Posted on Tuesday 24th July 2007 at 00:00
A short break between doing whatever I was doing last and doing whatever I'll do next has left me just enough time to write a short little post to round off Answer Time. In this, the last of the series, we look at all the questions asked by people who aren't Sally.

That's right, both of them!

First off then we have Enidd, who said:
enidd would like to know more about your family and background... if that's not too nosy.

Not too nosey at all Enidd. My immediate family consists of my two parents, myself and my two brothers. My Mum is a head teacher in a primary school and my Dad is an engineer turned research and designer turned technical manager for a company that designs and manufactures pumps. They married in '79 and in 86, I came on the scene. Fortunately this had been well and truly planned by my parents, who had moved to their current house in Yateley in 1982. A year after me, Mike was born and the family was completed by Tim in 1990. We also had a black and white cat called Domino.

The house in Yateley was a reasonably sized newly built 3 bedroom place, which was finally extended to four bedrooms in 1998. A second bathroom was also added, as well as a utility room. Thanks to a massive screw up on the part of the planning department at the council, the plot of land behind our house that had been selected for putting another such dwelling on was deemed unsuitable for building due to a mains gas pipe running underneath the land. As a result we were able to acquire the land as garden, making ours one of the biggest in the area.

These days Mike is doing a degree in contemporary music and drumming in between his regular trips to the tattoo parlour. Tim prefers to spend his time playing football and playstation and generally being trendy. We are each very different. I'm the geeky academic one, Mike is the rebellious rocker and Tim is the fashion obsessed sporty one. Although these differences often lead to us pursuing different hobbies, we all get on very well, especially since we each got through our teenage phases.

For reasons that I don't really understand, I am the only member of the family to keep a blog.

Now onto Mr.X, who asked:
Mr.X would like to know about your favourite holiday destinations. And why, because he's greedy like that. If you feel like some filth, you could also add who you'd most like to come with you. In the travel sense, of course, not insinuating anything else, oh no.

I'm not sure whether this question is about holiday destinations I've been to or those to come. Since I already talked about places I'd like to go to, I'll talk about holiday destinations I've already tried. Each and every one of the holidays I've been on has been memorable for many reasons and choosing one over another isn't at all easy.

Kenya was definitely a firm favourite of mine. Hot sun, beautiful scenery, amazing animals. It is the furthest I've ever been from the UK, both in terms of miles and culture shock. I was very sorry to leave the country when my two weeks was up, and I'd definitely go back there.

Russia was also an incredible experience. I can't claim to have felt as at home there as Kenya, but that didn't seem to matter. The thing about Russia that makes it stand out isn't just the differences, but also the similarities with the world I know. As places go, there wasn't a lot of difference between much of, say Moscow and London, yet at the same time it was a totally different place. Would definitely go again given the chance.

As for who I'd take with, I don't know sadly. There is no one special in my life at the moment, so I don't have anything of a dirty nature to reveal. Sorry Mr.X :P

And so that is it. I'm off now to drive into work and return the plate I stole a week or two ago. Next time: What makes a room comfy?

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