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Posted on Sunday 15th July 2007 at 00:00
And so, Part 5 of the questions given to me by Sally. In this part we work our way through Questions 41-50 of 61. After this I promise there will only be one more part before I look at everyone else's questions. Once that is done we can go back to normal service at last. Over the past week I've had a fair few ideas for posts, not to mention the half dozen or so drafts I've been waiting to post for a while now. Hopefully the blog will be a little more exciting for all of us when they go up! If you want Questions 1-40, they can be found here, here, here and here

41. Favourite restaurant?
Oh God, I don't know. Part of liking almost every food ever invented is a tendency to be at home in most eating establishments. Nandos is a favourite of mine just now, although I don't eat there very often. Last night I dined at The Wishing Well in Longwell Green. Nice food at average prices in a clean and friendly pub environment. Shame I was the only person dining alone really.

42. Favourite ice cream?
*Sigh* Another stupid favourites question. Quite liking the triple chocolate stuff that Tesco sell at the moment, so let's just stick with that, shall we?

43. Favourite flower?
Daffodil I guess. Not really being into flowers, I can't claim to know the names of many. I like this particular flower because it is usually the first sign of Spring. After a long winter, the sight of daffodils in all the front gardens I pass makes me very happy indeed.

44. Disney or Warner Brothers?
Would anyone be really offended if I gave my honest answer, which is that I really don't give a crap? Both companies are owned and run by a bunch of money grabbing toss pots, bent of squeezing as much cash out of Mr and Mrs Gullible Consumer as they possibly can. There is very little one can say about either that is in any way positive.

45. Favourite fast food restaurant?
McDonalds. Burger King just doesn't produce food that tastes good. They are the Pepsi of the fast food world. KFC are nice, but for some reason I always feel slightly disappointed after eating with them. Subway are pretty high up on the list actually, as they do real food, and now have at least 15 branches for every person in the world.*

46. What colour is your bedroom carpet?
A rather scabby shade of green unfortunately. It clashes with every single thing in the room, except the fire place, which for some reason has also been done in green. Hopefully the new carpet in my next place will be a little less stomach churning.

47. How many times did you take your driving test?
Four in total. I won't bore you with the details of how I failed each test, as it would make a very dull story and I don't want to drive you away (Oh look at me, I cracked a funny!) but let's just say I was extremely happy and more than a little relieved when I finally passed. That was a year ago next week as it happens.

48. From whom did you get your last Email?
Someone calling themselves Cornelia Parham, offering to show me dirty pictures of herself and maybe engage in some "webcam fun". I didn't reply. Before that was one from "Doctor Dictionary", telling me that today's Word of the Day is providential. I've not been able to bring myself to open that one yet.

49. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
I don't have a credit card, but if I did I'd probably have to use it in Ikea to buy myself some furniture all of my very own. Failing that, I reckon I could quite easily blow a couple of grand in PC World most days of the week.

50. What do you most often do when you are bored?
Usually I resort to reading blogs that are far more interesting than this one. Failing that, I find a little bit of searching can find you pretty much any TV show you like on YouTube and similar. Many hours of my life have been spent catching up with episodes past and present for shows I love. Personally I'm just glad to have passed the question about my favourite TV show before making this revelation.

And so we at last find ourselves on the final corner, coming onto the last stretch of the track: Questions 50-61. Originally I'd planned to write those now as well, but two hours straight of these questions so far today has all but killed me. They can wait a little while longer I'm sure.

*Not even slightly true.

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