Ignorminious on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Posted on Thursday 19th October 2006 at 00:00
So I went to Tesco earlier to do my weekly shopping and on a whim I decided to buy an energy saving bulb for our light in the hall, as it does tend to get left on and it seemed to me that our bills might be quite high because of it.

I got the bulb home and two or three short hours later I'd finally managed to work out how to get the lampshade off so that I could change the bulb. Once I put the new bulb in I flicked the light switch and & expecting it to go through the usual routine of starting off so dim you can hardly tell it is on & turned to look at it. I was so dazzled by the instantly bright light that I nearly fell off the chair I was precariously balanced on to change the bulb.

Not only had it gone to full brightness straight away but it was actually a whole load brighter than the old one! I'm not generally impressed by anything to do with the environment but this was a whole other story. I went and had a look at the packaging and this is what I found out.

This energy saving bulb:

  • Cost about '5;

  • Uses 11 watts of power, rather than 60 watts for a normal bulb;

  • Is noticeably brighter than a 60 watt bulb;

  • Uses 80% less electricity;

  • Lasts for 6 years rather than 1 year;

  • Cost about '5 and was really bright and lasts 6 times as long as a normal bulb!

  • The bit that really confused me is why would anyone not want to use an energy saving bulb? By my reckoning I'm just about making a saving simply on the life span of the bulb. 6 regular light bulbs have got to cost about as much as one of these and that is before you take into account the improved energy efficiency.

    I think the problem has largely been that since they were introduced energy saving bulbs just weren't as good as normal ones. They always took about 10 minutes to light up, were never as bright and cost a bomb. Bad press indeed and sadly no one seems to have taken the time to start putting about a more positive message, ie they seem to have fixed all the problems with energy saving bulbs and now they really are worthwhile.

    I was so impressed that I intend to change all my other bulbs next time I go down to Tesco. Currently I have a three lamp 'chandelier? hanging from my ceiling, of which I have one of the lamps with a bulb in it. It provides an OK level of lighting but it isn't great. I would have added another two bulbs to it, but I decided the electricity used would be far too excessive; 180 watts in total.

    By using the energy saving bulbs I can light up my room properly while still using only about half as much electricity as I am now with my one bulb. Plus I'll get that warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that I am doing my bit for the environment.

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