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Posted on Wednesday 11th July 2007 at 00:00
Good evening. Tonight we descend once more into the world of deeply probing questions about me that Sally felt the world needed answers to. Questions 21-30 sadly do not hold my sex life up to the public microscope, nor do they examine my inner workings with a Freudian fascination, reaching such conclusions as 'Iggy had a troubled relationship with his father' and 'By revving noisily at traffic lights, he hopes to communicate an important message about the size of his manhood to attractive women on the pavement.? They are however good fun, in a 'It's 1998 and we've just discovered a new and pointless use for email? kind of way. Questions 1-20 can be found here and here.

21. Favourite Sports to watch?
I have to admit here and now that I'm not big on sports, either to watch or participate in. At school I wasn't the kid everyone wanted on their team first. There was no 'We want Iggy!? 'No, we saw him first!? 'Not fair, he's the best!? about it. Actually it usually went more like this: 'You have Iggy.? 'No, we had him last time, you take him!? 'But we've already got three looser kids and you've only got one!? 'I'll take all three of them if you have Iggy.? 'No way, we'll still loose, even if we have all the best players and you have all the worst!? 'Man Iggy, you suck! Can't you just break your leg or something so we don't have to include you?? 'I'll break it for him!? 'And me, let's all help!? That said, I'm rather fond of motor sport, especially F1. I went to the British Grand Prix a few years back and it was excellent. Sadly I never seem to have time to watch much of the stuff these days.

22. Who do you least expect to send this back?
Sally said the questionnaire was only slightly adapted for blogs. Clearly it wasn't adapted enough, as this is a definite email question. To answer it though: everyone, as I'm not actually sending it out to anyone. Of course, if you wish to fill in a copy yourself for your own blog, please do. Just don't ask me to waste five minutes of my life reading it.

23. Person who will respond first?
Again an email question, but if we say 'comment? instead of 'respond', I'm going to say Sally, since she is the only person to have commented on my last two sets of questions so far. Mind you, she doesn't seem to check back here every day, so I guess it could be anyone. Go on, surprise me!

24. What washing powder do you use?
I don't know. Sad as it may be, I just don't retain that sort of information in my head and will therefore have to go and look... Apparently I use something called 'Bold 2 in 1', whatever that is. It seems to do the job, but I'm not advertising it, as I'm pretending to be the BBC.

25. Are you a morning person or night owl?
Night owl definitely. I'm pretty sure all the morning people are in bed now, where as I will probably be up for a few hours yet. Mind you, I don't have to be in work until midday tomorrow, so if I were to magically transform into someone who doesn't feel totally shit in the AM, I could get quite a lot done before I go in. As it is I will probably sleep until 11 and then stagger around like a crazy person looking for socks before I finally set off without having had any breakfast.

26. What size shoe do you wear?
Shoe sizes are well known for being the second least exact science in the known universe, coming in just behind ladies dress sizes, so naturally it isn't the same everywhere you go, but on the whole I seem to be an 11. The only exception I can think of in my current shoe line up are the big, heavy, steel-toe-cap safety boots I wear for work, which ring in at a puny size 10.

27. Favourite animal?
Ugh, what a frightfully girly question! I like many animals, but my favourite are undoubtedly human beings. They are (usually) incredibly clever, possessing advanced problem solving abilities, and remain the only member of the animal kingdom to have fully realised the potential of tools. By using a variety of tools, both natural and artificially manufactured, these fascinating creatures have mastered their ability to transform the world around them, excelling in many of the sciences, as well as the arts and religion. They have created a number of complex languages with which to communicate and share the knowledge they display a strong desire to acquire. Most of all they have demonstrated a capacity to adapt and evolve quickly to a rapidly changing environment, colonising every major land mass on Earth and even venturing off the surface of the planet in vehicles they have fashioned over a short period of history from the rudimentary materials to be found in their natural habitat. Well worth studying if you ask me ;)

28. Any news you'd like to share with everyone?
This morning I attempted to dry some clothes for work by ironing them, only to discover that I'd unplugged the iron a few minutes before, having finished my shirt. That's about as exciting as it gets here I'm afraid. Oh, I signed up for Twitter last night. Anyone who wants to receive texts and IMs about what I'm doing every few hours can find me here.

29. What did you want to be when you were little?
King of the entire world. Yes, ambitious wasn't I? By contrast my brothers wanted to be a fire fighter and a dustbin man respectively. I think I may have been quite disappointed when I found out that you couldn't just become a king. Shortly afterwards I discovered that all good jobs had to be worked for, and that was the point when the ambitious part of me died once and for all. Now I'm a failing student and occasionally get paid to scrub pots and pans, so really you could say things have gone downhill for me since I was a kid.

30. Favourite candy bar?
Ugh, candy bar. What a dreadfully American expression! My favourite chocolate bar at the moment is a Mars (no advertising intended) as they are just supremely lush whenever I have one.

Phew, that was a fair old slog wasn't it? Hopefully though we'll all have recovered by tomorrow though, as we celebrate coming over Half-way Hill with a quick run through questions 31-40. Assuming I've not driven away all my readers by then of course.....

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