Sitting In A Coffee Shop

Posted on Wednesday 27th June 2007 at 00:00
I am sat in Starbucks, hiding in the corner of a room packed full of young people. Given that it is outside the university term, I am forced to assume that these are 6th formers, who, having finished their exams for the year, have happened upon this coffee shop as a popular place of retreat. I have nothing against 6th formers as a rule but I'm a tad peeved to find them here as their presence has cost me a comfy arm chair.

The reason for writing this here, far from being any divine source for inspiration is that I wish to test the practicality of my new mobile handset. This, my third step into the world of smart phones, is a new breed of device, adapted for the increased typing demands placed on modern phones with the aid of a slide out mini keyboard or "thumb board" as I believe they are now called.

Despite the whole board not being much bigger than my thumbs, it is surprisingly easy to use and, the QWERTY keyboard layout is incredibly logically arranged whilst still being well adapted to the body of the phone.

One of the most useful advances over my previous handset is the inclusion of a mobile version of Microsoft Office Word, which will allow me to transfer this document to my desktop for safe keeping when I get home.

Oh thank God, a sofa at last! I don't think my arsenic could have taken another second on that hard wooden chair.

I could use the phone's Wi-Fi connection to post this blog from where I am, but I won't. Forking out for a pricey handset is one thing, but buying access to the local hotspot is something else entirely. I am nothing if not mean :-)

I think the largest group of students are reading a play. How very cool and studentesque. Makes me wish I was still studying a creative subject. Damn you Business and Law! *shakes fist at boring degree*

It is really hard to get a good idea of paragraph lengths on a screen that is a very different size from that of a PC or laptop. The students have all just left and suddenly it is really quiet. Although this is what I wanted when I came in, I miss them now.

I should probably finish here. If I don't get back to my car within the next 20 min I might not be able to afford the cost of the car park!

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