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Posted on Monday 25th June 2007 at 00:00
In this modern and utility stocked 21st Century world, we often tend to take for granted all those little luxuries that make our lives smoother and without which we'd be forced to return to life in the middle ages. I know this, because I am currently writing to you from the year 1138AD, where I am rediscovering what life was like before email was invented.

Actually, that is a lie. It is very definitely the year 2007, and the only thing medieval here (apart from The Landlord's taste in wallpapers) is the fact that I really don't have email access. Well, not entirely anyway. For the last few weeks I've been becoming increasingly aware that my emails weren't exactly living up to their promises of lightening fast delivery that had been such a selling point in the 90s. In fact, with an average delay between someone emailing me and the arrival of the email in my inbox being around 10 days, I had discovered the first ever email system to be less reliable than the second class post.

Needless to say I was a bit annoyed about this problem, and after bitching to my provider about it for some time and getting fobbed off with stories about spam filters, they eventually agreed to transfer my account on to a new, faster server (which by the way has been their solution to every single problem I have had since I signed up with them over three years ago).

This is the process that has completly blocked access to my email account. In fact, I've not received a single email since 2am this morning. Apparently it'll take a full 24 hours for the issue to be sorted out, and in the mean time, all I've got for company is a little message that pops up in outlook every 60 seconds or so, telling me that the IMAP server dropped the connection.

Thing is, for all they know, I could be using this account for business purposes. I might be running a whole company from my web space, with crucial orders coming in every few minutes, not just hosting a blog where even the user comment notification messages are few and far between.

Of course, all I'm really after (besides my daily Peanuts comic strip and Word of the Day email) is notification that the new smartphone I ordered off the net-m-jiggy thing on Saturday has been dispatched and will be with me tomorrow morning.

Now, I will be forced to sit under the letterbox and wait for the postman like people used to in the time of the dinosaurs!

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