Bizzare Blogging

Posted on Wednesday 20th June 2007 at 00:00
Is there a pattern to how often people blog and when they do so? Last week, I found myself with a curious number of days off on my hands, and consequently I spent rather a lot of time on the internet. After a little while, it became apparent to me that not very many people on my RSS feed were blogging at the moment.

I'm used to being able to check my feed every couple of hours and finding that at least one person has said something. Often, the passing of blog posts has been a fairly accurate way to mark the passing of time, with certain people posting at certain times on certain days. Yet, as day after day of my free time progressed, not a single person was updating their blogs.

I came to suppose that my RSS feed had somehow broken. It was clearly not checking properly, as otherwise it'd be finding all these fantastic posts that I knew were being written. So along I went to each of the sites in turn to check. No, not a single new post between them. In fact, some which normally will update at least every other day hadn't written anything for a full week! I was most perplexed and disappointed.

What could they all be doing? I wondered. Is it a bank holiday weekend? Is there some major sporting event going on? What could possibly have dragged all these people away from their computers like this?

No answers came and I was forced to keep guessing. Yesterday I switched on my computer to find that half my blogroll had updated. Today I switched it on to find the other half had. So, why is it that the tendency to blog, among people who have very little else to do with each other, seems to go in peaks and troughs like this? Does one person see an updated blog and feel that they should post something too?

I only wonder, because I seem to be following the same patterns. For nearly four whole days I sat around with no one else blogging and no ideas of my own, and then suddenly, I come up with about half a dozen all at once, the best of which I'm trying to get written up this morning before work. Is there some great cosmic force in the universe that only gives out inspiration when it feels like it, and we are slaves who respond?

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