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Posted on Sunday 10th June 2007 at 00:00
This is the post that I wrote last Thursday, whilst I was without the internet access I'd expected to find at the B&B I stayed in on the night before the conference. Finally it makes it into its rightful place on the blog.

And so dear readership, you find me sat on a small bed in a small room up in the roof of a small B&B about 10 minutes walk from Leicester city centre. Tomorrow is the blogging conference I wrote about a short while ago, and I must say I'm quite excited. Obviously, by the time you read this, the conference will either be happening or will have happened, depending on when I can get net access, but in the interests of keeping a sensible chronology on the whole thing, I feel duty bound to inform you that it is currently 23:44 on Thursday 7th June 2007.

I had intended to write this post as a mini showcase of all the technology available to me whilst travelling, and the various different ways in which I'll be using it to remain connected to the rest of the world during my time here. Unfortunately though that has been royally buggered up by the lack of the internet access in every room that the B&B promises on its website. Because of this, I've not been able to so much as check my emails since I left Bristol, and my cunning reserve plan to turn my mobile into a modem for the laptop and use GPRS to connect has been scuppered by a lack of the necessary drivers. Thanks for that Mr Gates!

The journey here was fairly uneventful on account of nothing happening, and so I won't bore you with it, except to say that at one point I thought I'd had a blow out, only to discover that actually it was just a really poor road surface. Other than that we made good time, covering the 170 miles in just over 2 and a half hours.

The afternoon was spent wondering round the shops and again has little of interest to report but at 6pm we found ourselves in a pub with some rather interesting MA students who are researching the concepts of new media on the internet. New media encompasses blogging among many things and is a radical look at how the internet will work as a medium in the future.

A meal and long chat later and my head is still buzzing with it all. Sadly for me I've got to get up at half 6 to be at the conference on time, so I'm going to have to put the brain to sleep now. I leave you with a photo of the loo in my twin room...

...Or rather I don't because the photo in question remains on another camera, but I will post it when I get hold of it. In the mean time it just remains for me to inform you that I have completed my last post, in which I detailed the conference as it was happening, so if you've not read to the end of that, you may wish to do so now.

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