The Problem of Nothing

Posted on Monday 16th October 2006 at 00:00
If you stop and think about it, Nothing can actually be a much greater problem than Something. Nothing is a problem I've seen a lot of recently. First and foremost it is all I can think to write about this evening, which is why I've set out on the subject in the first place. It is also the amount of essential seminar preparation I've done for uni tomorrow, not to mention the amount of anything else I've done today, which more or less explains why I have nothing to write about today.

While going through a patch of particularly poor motivation this afternoon I tried to think of things I like about the work I have to do. I got nothing. Ok, no big deal. It is pretty dry material even as a random sample of the course so it perhaps isn't surprising that I might not enjoy it as such. Let's be more general. What do I like about the module I'm working towards? I got nothing. Hmmm, the course then? Nothing. The degree? Nothing. The subject in general? Nothing.

The sad truth is that there is nothing I particularly like about what I do and nothing else that I know I would rather do. It all seems to be equally bad. I ranted along the same lines earlier in the day in my other blog which can be found here. All in all I think I did a much better job than I'm doing now, partly because it is late and partly because I seem to have put down all my ideas then and been left with Nothing.

I'm sure I had more ideas relating to the concept of nothing at one point. I can't imagine I'd have decided to write an entire post on those two ideas, even if I've got nothing else. Nothing is also my bank balance now that I've bought train tickets to London for next Tuesday to go and see Ray Davies at the Royal Albert Hall.

Earlier today I searched, as I do every day, to see if this blog has been listed on the Google Blog Search, but I got nothing. While I was doing that I was getting nothing done on my uni work, as is the case now while I speak to you. All things considered I should probably give this up now and get back to work before you think nothing of me and I get nothing in the comments section of this post.

Also I have nothing left to say.

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