Murphy’s Law

Posted on Monday 4th September 2006 at 00:00
Have you ever noticed how quickly a small job that you set out to do can escalate into something much bigger? This afternoon I set out to fix a broken catch in my car. The damage was sufficient to stop me fixing it permanently but I was at least able to get the catch working for the time being. Just as I was finishing up I noticed that the very lowest part of the front bumper, something I'm reliably informed by my brother is called the front spoiler was hanging off the bumper assembly at one end.

Whilst I was wrestling with the blasted staple that was supposed to hold it together I noticed that the piece of bumper used to stop stuff flying up into the radiator was lose. Within 10 seconds of examining it, this stupid bit of plastic had fallen in its entirety off the car and onto the grass. Further examination showed that it would not go back on until I had fixed the original bumper problem, which I duly returned to. Yet more mindless wrestling with this caused a clip in the wheel arch to come lose causing the entire front bumper to fall off the car. The job that should have taken me 10 seconds ended up being half an hour of lying on my back under the car.

In another prime example, I decided that I would spend today sorting through the stuff I wish to take back to uni with me in the near future, before which I'd just spend 10 minutes tidying up the mess of a room I described for you yesterday. Admittedly the room is now quite tidy, but I've not even begun to look at sorting out my uni stuff.

There is a moral to this story folks and I think it is something about not letting yourself get side tracked by things that really don't matter, otherwise you'll lose site of the bigger picture. Some might say that I'm failing to heed my own advice by getting tied up in this little rant rather than focusing writing an entertaining and thought provoking blog entry ..... and they'd be right. In my defense it is gone three in the morning and I have a job interview tomorrow. When I'm done with that I'll post again with something more worth while and less whiney.

Peace Out! (or whatever it is the trendy people are saying these days)

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