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Posted on Wednesday 30th May 2007 at 00:00
Recently, Petite Anglaise let slip that she was now a member of several networking sites, including Facebook. After reading her post it struck me that the concept of online social networking has recently gone far beyond simply belonging to Facebook or MySpace, or Bebo or any of the others. That was the old social networking. Social networking just now seems to be about having everything.

When I first signed up to Facebook, around a year ago now, I did so using my real identity and for the benefit of my real world friends. I never once imagined that I'd be linking it to my blog, which serves a totally different audience. Merging those two worlds simply never occurred to me.

But now it seems it is the done thing. Really, you can't say you know someone unless you read their blog, look at their profiles, check their LastFM playlist, send status updates via Twitter and look at their photos on Flickr.

So, in the interests of remaining young and trendy, I hereby give you a link to my life: It is scary just how much of me is in there. Certainly more than I have previously told you about here, but no more than is known about me by even my vaguest university acquaintances.

So, I've done something for you. By linking you to Facebook I've reconnected this almost anonymous blog back into my real life. If you know me here, now you can know the real me as well. But, in return, I want you to do a little something for me in exchange:

I want to know a little about the following services: LastFM, Twitter and Flickr. All these three are now essential parts of the online world, and I know nothing about them. What exactly is it that LastFM can do for a music lover such as myself? What exactly is Twitter and why is everyone talking about it all of a sudden? If I already have about a million photos in Facebook, why would I want to upload them all again in Flickr?

If you have used or are using any of these services, please leave a comment filling me in about them. If you think they are good or bad, I want to know about it!

And in exchange, I might just accept your Friend Request on Facebook ;)

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