Features That I Would Like To Add To My Blog But Never Will Part II: Videocasts

Posted on Wednesday 30th May 2007 at 00:00
Although perhaps the reserve of a small but talented minority, it is becoming increasingly common for bloggers to create videos for their blog. Obviously these consist of a little more than reading a blog in front of a camera, but they are seemingly a good way to make the content of one's blog more varied and interesting.

Whilst I'm pretty sure I could master the technological side of creating videos, whether amusing flash animations or real life clips of crazy stuff, and then get them on the web so that YouTube may happily stream them all over the internet, I reckon I lack the creativeness to come up with anything worth watching. I also lack a video camera, but that is another matter entirely.

I've often wondered what it takes to be able to do something that is visually impressive. I've occasionally appeared in or helped film amusing home videos with friends, and for the last two years an hour long DVD has been produced of my summer holiday, but that is kind of my limit at the moment. People have often told me that they find my blog funny, and not in a bad way, so I guess in a way it must be, but there is a difference between being funny on paper and being able to be so in real life.

Assuming I were to master such skills, I would still have the problem of my camera-phobia. No, I'm not afraid to appear in front of a camera, but I'm afraid to use one for anything other than the usual old holiday snaps. It doesn't matter whether it is a still frame camera or a video camera: I can take loads of photos/videos of my friends, family, tourist attractions, stuff that belongs to me etc, but I don't seem to be able to take any of anything else. I've often thought it'd be nice to take pictures of what I see on a daily basis; the scene on my road when I leave the house in the morning, a picture of a crowded bar that I'm working in, a traffic jam that I'm stuck in. Stuff like that really. Just snap shots of ordinary life through my eyes.

But I can't do it. Whenever I get out my camera in a public place, I find myself making a show of pointing it as far away from any people, houses, cars etc as I can. You see, I'm always worried that if people notice me taking a photo of my road for instance, they will think that I'm taking a photo of them or their house or car, and that I must be doing so for a particular reason that they won't like. I guess it extends from the 'Are you looking at me?? mentality in society today that says you can never make eye contact with anyone ever for fear that they will knife you for it.

As such, I will never be able to photograph or film anything of interest outside my own bedroom, and so shall never be able to create videos for my blog.

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