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Posted on Thursday 24th May 2007 at 00:00
With a mere 17 days remaining until my 21st Birthday, I've decided to be a little organised and create myself a birthday list; or rather, an Amazon Wishlist. I don't know whether anyone else has this problem, but every year I spend the weeks running up to my birthday thinking of loads of things that I'd quite like to ask for as presents from people, but whenever anyone actually asks me what I'd like, I can't remember a single thing on the list.

This isn't so much a problem with the big things as with the little ones. CD's, DVD's, books etc seem to pass in and out of my brain at the rate of about 10 a day, and keeping track of them is near on impossible, so I've decided to keep them all written down in one place where I can find them again when I get quizzed about present ideas.

If anyone is curious about what I'm interested in just now, the wishlist can be found via the link at the top of the side bar and at the bottom of the page. I've linked it to the blog for convenience as much as anything. After all this is my home page and it is the easiest place to direct friends and family to if they want to see the list.

Obviously I don't expect anyone here to make use of it as none of you actually know me, but isn't it nice to have a good nose into someone else's life once in a while?

Edit: Have now fixed the links so that they show my wishlist, not your wishlist. *headdesk*

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