The Britsh Gas Minute: The Sequel No One Wanted

Posted on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at 00:00
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

That's right, once more I have bravely attempted to sort out the stupid mess that is our gas supplier. Let me tell you all about it:

Having worked out after a full 2 months that the British Gas Minute is in fact an infinitely long period of time that may never come round, we assumed that they probably weren't planning on getting back to us at all. This caused our delightful landlady to stick her nose in when she last graced the house with her presence a few weeks ago.

Nobody is quite sure what she did exactly, but we think that she phoned Transco in order to find out who supplies our gas and they told her it was supplied by a company called London Electricity. She then went and phoned them and, according to H who was here at the time, gave them my name and told them that I would be phoning them back to sort the problem out. None of this was communicated to me as the landlady, having done all this without asking my permission, then proceeded to scarper without leaving a note before I got home. In short she never told me a thing about it.

A little research told us that London Electricity was taken over at some point by EDF Energy, the supplier we want to be with but who for various reasons can't take control of our account. So today I phoned EDF and was lucky enough to get a very intelligent and helpful lady on the line, to whom I explained the situation. She then went away and did some research and returned to me to explain the problem

It seems that British Gas installed the gas supply at the behest of the landlords over the summer so that they could fit central heating to the house. It seems that when they did this they failed to include the serial number for the gas meter in their records. Unfortunately this number is needed to tell British Gas what sort of meter it is, so that when EDF contacted them asking to take control of the account as we'd signed up with them, BG couldn't pass on the information required.

For reasons unknown, neither BG nor EDF thought to contact us and tell us this, so until today that is how the situation remained. Once this had been made clear I produced the serial number for the meter, as well as the current reading and the reading on the day we moved into the house in September. Apparently the EDF people are now speaking with the British Gas people and together they have promised to sort it all out.

All things being well, we might just have a bill before the end of the year :)

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