An Interestesting Prospect

Posted on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at 00:00
?There'll be loads of fascinating people there. It's going to be really interesting! Lots of bloggers and people interested in Web 2.0 and business and stuff.?

'I'm not sure, what I'll be doing then and whether I can spare the time and blah.?

'It'll be fun!?

'I dunno...?

'Look, here's a link to it:?

I click on the link and scan down the page. The excessive use of the colour pink isn't overly encouraging, and nor is the orientation of the conference, which does seem to be aimed entirely at the fairer sex. Women, Business & Blogging reads like a list of interests on my Facebook profile, but I can't help feeling a tad out of my depth reading about a conference that incorporates all those things.

I look through the list of speakers, expecting to see none that I recognise and not being disappointed. Then my eye falls on one name I do know, Meg Pickard. Wait a minute, that can't surely be the Meg Pickard. I check the info page and am rewarded with a link to Meg's Blog. I was right, it is Meg whose blog I now read and whose sister is Anna!

Suddenly the prospect of going to a conference looks even more exciting than when I agreed to go and get pissed in Paris for four days in 6th Form in order to attend a one day conference on the European Union with my A Level Business Studies class.

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