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Posted on Thursday 10th May 2007 at 00:00
Today it is exactly a month until my 21st Birthday. Scary. Aside from not having thought of a single thing to do to celebrate the day, I feel as though it's all happening far too fast. It can only be a week since my 20th, I'm sure. At the moment I don't even know which side of the country I'll be living in when the big day comes round.

It seems slightly odd that most people plan their 21sts for years in advance and have big parties thought up and all planned by now. I might have a few mates over to watch a DVD or two, but only if anyone is actually free. Perhaps I'm turning into one of those people who forgets to celebrate their own birthdays and never knows how old they are?

So, with such an important anniversary approaching, maybe it is time to take stock of where I am in life? Well, I'm more or less where I expected to be at this point. I'm still at uni, still single and still living in a house that may fall down at any time (H nearly got locked out earlier because her front door key no longer seems to want to go in the lock. Most odd!). The only unexpected thing as far as life plans go is that I'm not graduating for another year yet, which really is quite a long time.

Yesterday I had the first of the exams which I'm hoping will stop me from being trapped in this hell for even longer. It seemed to go pretty well. I never allow myself to be overly optimistic about exams before the results come out, but it felt better than any that I've done recently. Another exam today, although I'm far less confident about this one. I've no idea why I stuck with a module that clearly wasn't suited to me, especially as it was an optional one.

If the exams go well and I don't have to repeat any more modules, I might just be able to get a graduate job next year at the same time as finishing off my degree. At least that is the current plan. If I manage that then I will be able to find a real place to live at last. Something newly decorated where tenants aren't treated like shit just because they are students. Ok, so I won't have achieved all this by my 21st, but I hope to be able to report back in as year and a month to tell you that all my current goals have been achieved.

And who knows, if I'm very lucky, I might even have found a girlfriend by then.

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