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Posted on Tuesday 8th May 2007 at 00:00
It seems I have been challenged by Mr.X to reveal 7 random things about myself, so here goes:

1. Once upon a time I used to be a fully trained and qualified life guard. I did a week long crash course during a holiday in 6th form and then did very little with the qualification thereafter. For a few months I worked at my local school swimming pool, but it got damaged by flood water and vandals and was closed for a while. By the time it reopened I'd gone to university, where I failed to get a job for nearly a whole year before starting work in a leisure centre towards the end of my first year. A little while later I moved to the other side of Bristol and, having failed my driving tests, was unable to get there to work the next year. By the time I did learn to drive successfully, my qualification had long since expired.

2. I've only ever left Europe once in my entire life, which was to go to Kenya in 2004. I've never been to America and I've never been to the Far East. Despite this, I've been abroad more times than I can remember, with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia being some of my more unusual holiday destinations; when I did a coach tour of the Baltic States in 2006. Somehow I've always managed to avoid following the rest of the country to Spain and I've never made it to Italy, although I'd very much like to go one day.

3. I always fancy myself as the sort of person who'd be into extreme sports and yet have never really tried any. I did a brief taster of climbing and abseiling once and have kayaked in calm waters a few times, but that is it. I've never been skiing, sky diving, skateboarding, bungee jumping, snowboarding or motor racing. I've long suspected that I'll have to find myself a girlfriend who's prepared to kick me up the backside and make me get on with it, although that isn't suitable criteria for finding one.

4. I've probably been to the cinema more times on my own than with other people. It's hard to be sure since I don't keep records, but it seems like a reasonable guess. Like most people I used to think going by yourself was the saddest thing in the world and I was never prepared to do it. Sadly though, since I've been at uni the supply of people who wish to go and see films with me has pretty much dried up. Since I think not having anyone to go with is a pretty shit reason for not doing something I've given up waiting for invites or trying to find people to take along, so now I just go by myself. In fact, I don't believe I've been to the cinema with anyone else at all during 2007.

5. I can't get on with anything else whilst I'm part way through a blog post. Right now I have stacks of revision to do, I need to find something I can eat for lunch as it is nearly 4 already and I need to go food shopping since I have almost nothing edible left in the house whatsoever. Sadly I can't do any of these things until I have finished thinking up some more random things about myself that aren't too incriminating.

6. It is taking me longer than most to come up with a career plan. Many people know what they way to do by the time they finish their GCSEs and have to choose A Levels. Some know even earlier. Most have a pretty good idea by the time it comes to choosing a degree course and the rest usually figure it out near the beginning of university. I'm now very close to the end of uni and I still don't know. Although I'm possibly interested in 'something in management? I really have no idea beyond that. I guess I've been left with too much choice, being able to go into almost anything, and not enough enthusiasm for any of the ideas I come up with.

7. I always struggle with this sort of thing because I want to say positive things about myself but can't. That's not to say I'm a particularly negative person or have low self esteem or anything, just that positive things are harder to think of. I'm always looking to better myself as a person and because of this, I tend to focus on the things I don't like and wish to change about myself. There are plenty of good things there, but as they aren't something that I perceive to be a problem, I don't tend to think about them very much. Perhaps I should practice more often...

Hopefully some of you will have found this interesting. I've decided to tag Sally and Yaxlich to carry on this chain, as I'm sure they both have interesting things to say.

But only if they want to of course!

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