Ig's Brain Batteries Go Flat

Posted on Sunday 6th May 2007 at 00:00
One of the most irritating aspects of writing a blog & or anything else for that matter & is the way that you often have ideas that you wish to write down but don't have the time to do it. Then, when you have the time, your inspiration has left you, and even if you are able to remember what it was you wanted to write about, you can no longer write the post as well as you intended.

On Friday night, I went to bed with my brain literally buzzing with blog ideas, many of them no doubt inspired by reading Shaggy Blog Stories before going to sleep. On Saturday morning I woke up, still bubbling away with fantastic things to write about. In fact, by the time I'd showered, I'd pretty much written four whole blog posts in their entirety in my head and was just itching to get them typed out.

Sadly though, this was not an option at the time, as I needed to get back to Bristol that morning and so would have to wait until afternoon. One thing led to another, as is often the case and so here I am, early on Sunday evening, wanting to blog these ideas but no longer able to. Unfortunately, though I still remember the subjects of my posts, the ideas that were going to turn them from an awkward collection of badly formed sentences into literary masterpieces have now all but buggered off to sunnier climates.

I'm beginning to wonder if the creative side of my brain runs off solar panels or something. It can't just be coincidence that at the same time as I find myself struggling to engage my mind in anything more taxing than staring at a blank page, the weather takes a turn for the worse after weeks of beautiful sunshine. Perhaps if I grab my laptop (forgetting that it doesn't work) and jet off to Monte Carlo to unload my posts, whilst sipping on a drink that costs more than my car, the ideas will all come flooding back to me...

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