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Posted on Friday 13th October 2006 at 00:00
As you may or may not have noticed, last night I added a section of links to other sites for those of you looking for a way out of this one. Normally I'd recommend using the close button in the top right hand corner. That's right, the one that looks like a cross. No, not that one, that one looks like two boxes and it for maximising or restoring the window. Try again ...

For those of you who haven't managed to find the right button or don't wish to close your browser at this time, I shall continue. If you are using Mac OS, Linux or any other non M$ operating system I'm sorry, I can't help you as you are already too far gone. Except that I can because I've added this links, which brings me smoothly back to my original point just two paragraphs after I began to digress. And they say I'm not text efficient!

As you may be able to see, I've not bothered with regular text links as they are boring, so instead you get pictures. More specifically the logos for the sites I've linked to, which I've ruthlessly stolen without asking permission of the sites in question. Mwahahahaha! The exception is of course Little Red Boat, where I summoned up the courage to email Anna and beg her permission to use per site logo as it rocks. She, incidentally is very nice (hence she said yes) and a very talented and funny writer (hence wanting the link in the first place). I'd definitely recommend taking a look at her blog as it is well worth reading.

For those of you still living in the dark ages aka dial-up, normally I would say it serves you right for not moving with the times and getting broadband even though it is no more expensive than the older technology, but today I'm feeling kind. Since there are probably just as many narrowband users who can't get broadband as there are those who won't get it, I am going to dedicate a small proportion of this evening (and maybe the weekend too) to creating a text only version of the site. It will have all the wonderful juicy content that everyone else enjoys, only it will come without all the pretty pictures that kill your bandwidth.

More links will be added before long so stay tuned .....

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