Shaggy Blog Stories

Posted on Thursday 3rd May 2007 at 00:00
Today I'm happy to announce, my copy of Shaggy Blog Stories fell through my letter box, carefully encased in strong cardboard.

Yes, yes, I know the book is old news, but I think I was running short of cash at the time and so I had to put off buying it until now. I've not started reading it yet as I kinda want to savour it. In fact, I don't know how much of it I'm going to read and when.

I think what I might do is read one blog a night before bed. I know that is really slow, but it can be my end of the day treat to myself, and at least that way I won't find the short story structure too repetitive for my delicate literary stomach.

If anyone else still has not bought this book than please do so, as it is a fantastic book supporting an amazing cause.

And it'll make you laugh too; and laughter is the very best of medicines.

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