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Posted on Sunday 29th April 2007 at 00:00
I have to admit, I'm not well known for my Saturday brain activity. Most of the time I end up slouching around and achieving very little at all, and anyone who is lucky enough to be spending time with me usually resorts to talking to the carpet in the hope of getting a more intelligent conversation. Often they succeed as well.

With this in mind, I'm particularly proud of the little brain wave I had earlier this evening. It's a new feature on the site that I've called 'Short Thoughts' and which can now be found on the side bar below 'Inside the Mind' and above the archive. I've added it in response to a problem that I think many bloggers must have.

As a blogger, I find myself continually thinking of ideas throughout the day for possible blog posts, either as a result of what I'm experiencing at the time, or because I've been inspired. Some of these ideas are retrospectively crap and I ditch them straight away, but many more are well worth writing up, but for one reason or another just don't make it onto the blog.

Time is a major constraint, as is the length of posts. A lot of the ideas I think of are good but don't produce more than a couple of sentences of text, which is nothing like enough to justify posting up, and so the ideas are dropped, until now that is.

Short Thoughts is a blog within a blog; a mini blog if you will. It is a short collection of super short posts in the side bar to complement the main blog. The idea here is that I can write down an idea quickly and concisely, either to develop into a post when I have more time or else leave as it is.

Unlike normal posts, there won't be any images used, and I won't take the time to proof read or spell check, as this slows me down significantly. I'm not planning on creating an RSS feed for these posts, so you will have to check back regularly to see if I've added to the list. A link in the side bar will take you to a full page showing all the thoughts, in case you wish to look back or catch up. I also won't be adding a comments facility as it doesn't seem worth it for such short entries, but if you wish to comment on anything written there, you can leave a comment attached to any of the main posts.

I'm hoping that this will be an interesting and original addition to the blog which readers will check often. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements I'll be happy to hear from you.

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