Postal Hell

Posted on Thursday 26th April 2007 at 00:00
Those of you who followed my feeble attempts to edit a DVD a couple of weeks ago may be interested to hear that I've finally finished. Actually, I finished the edit nearly 2 weeks ago in an epic day of problems which ended at 11 o clock on a Sunday evening when I remembered I had to go to Bristol before I could sleep. Unfortunately the job wasn't quite finished by this point, and so it was decided that I'd burn the first copy of the DVD in Bristol and then post it to my friend in Egham, so that she could duplicate it and distribute copies among the cast and crew of Iolanthe.

So a couple of days later I found myself posting a small padded envelope, designed specifically for posting discs, into the post box, complete with a first class stamp, since I wanted it to get there as quickly as possible. That was last Wednesday. On Saturday I received a text telling me that it still hadn't turned up. I was very annoyed but agreed to post a new copy, since the original had clearly been lost somewhere along the line.

This time round I didn't want to take any chances, so on Monday I trundle down to the post office and paid the outrageous sum of '1.18 to have the replacement package sent by recorded delivery. Accordingly it arrived at its destination the next morning and all was happiness and flowers and stuff. Today I received a text telling me that the original copy, sent first class has finally arrived. Or rather it hasn't, but a note from the sorting office has, informing my friend that she can't have it until an extra pound is paid to cover postage.

What a cheek! I bet this is down to the stupid new system they recently brought in of charging for postage based on size as well as weight. I've never understood this at all. Charging by weight makes sense, because the heavier something is, the more fuel it takes to drive it across the country to wherever it is going. But why size? It doesn't cost them anymore to deliver an A4 envelope! It goes through the same system. Nothing is different! It makes no sense!

Oh wait, charging extra for larger envelopes is a sneaky way of upping the cost of postage whist at the same time confusing everyone so much that no one realises how much they are being ripped off and so can't complain about it. That way the Royal Mail can find more money with which to prop up their overpriced, inefficient, slow, unreliable excuse for a postal service that makes me shudder to imagine how people got by before the invention of email.

What a waste of space!

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