Fridge: The Epic Conclusion!

Posted on Thursday 26th April 2007 at 00:00
One key feature of a personal blog is that you regularly return to old stories, as and when there is something new to report. One of the longest and most exciting stories I've covered here has been the seemingly never ending battle with the landlords to replace my dodgy fridge-freezer, which first went on the blink in December. Previous reports on the situation can be found here, here and here.

Although I've not written on the subject on every opportunity, if only to avoid repeating myself, tonight I had to write, for this is the day, oh historic day, when I am finally victorious! As I wrote a little while ago, the landlords decided to come down and appease us by carrying out some repair work on the house. They attempted to fix the mold (by ripping off the affected wall paper and pouring bleach all over the place), they bought us a new kettle (as the old one had finally given up on life in our house) and they gave in to my frequent complaints and ordered a new fridge-freezer from Currys.

Well, I say new, what I actually mean is ex-display model, as they couldn't quite bring themselves to actually buy something new for the house. They also couldn't bring themselves to pay out a few extra quid to have the nice Currys people take away the old unit, which is now sitting in the back garden of all places, where it will probably remain until someone decides to do something about it, or (more likely) it rusts away, leaving nothing but a pretty red stain on the ground.

On the whole, it seems to be a good piece of kit. A whole foot taller than its predecessor, it has much more storage space, and it even comes with a couple of build it ice cube trays. Wooooooo! Obviously it is in this house, which means it can't possibly be perfect. For fear of being too good for us, the powers that be conveniently arranged for one of the feet to drop off somewhere along the line, so it now no longer stands up properly and wobbles at every opportunity.

Luckily this was easily rectified with a quick phone call to Currys. 'Easily' and 'quick? in the sense of 'with great difficulty' and 'slowly?. I had to phone at least four premium rate phone numbers and a local one before I got through to the Currys help service, who kept me on hold for about a year before promising to send me a replacement foot via snail mail as soon as they can.

Having recently had some bad experiences with snail mail, which I'll tell you about in my next post, I'm not overly hopeful about this, but hell, I have my freezer, a mere four months after I informed the landlords that the old one had packed up and only a month or so before I move out of this dump.


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