How I know it is Friday the 13th ….

Posted on Friday 13th October 2006 at 00:00
I did something a little bit stupid last night. Only a little bit stupid mind, but in the early hours of this morning it seemed like a big enough deal to kick myself over. I went to bed at stupid-o-clock this morning and just for a change I thought I'd switch off the socket into which my stereo is plugged in as for some reason the backlight for the digital tuner never switches itself off properly, merely dims itself when you turn off the radio or CD and it is quite bright in a dark room. This I did and went to bed thinking no more about it.

This morning at the even worse time of 6:45 when it was perhaps even darker than when I went to bed and a few degrees colder, I decided to listen to the radio to wake myself up. I switched the thing on and noticed that the clock had reset itself to 00:00 rather than storing the time which it was switched off. Bugger! thought I, but no matter, I could set it again later. I then switched on the radio and instead of hearing the cheerful and largely caffeine boosted voices of GWR's Bush and Troy Show I was instead confronted with a deafening barrage of white noise. Double Bugger! thought I, upon realising that in addition to the clock being reset, my radio presents had also been lost and the system volume had been reset to the default setting of extra, extra loud. Not a nice way to take up in the morning.

Other things that remind me it is Friday the 13th: I took a shower this morning without remembering to lay the towels out as I normally do with the result being that when I came to switch off the water and grab my towel while still directing the drips into the bath tub, I found that said towel was lying in a heap on the other side of the bathroom, totally out of reach. Twice bugger and bugger again! thought I, but to no avail.

On the way into uni this morning I nearly smacked another car with my wing mirror. Interestingly enough this happened at exactly the same time and in the same place as last week, only the other car was different. I swear the people parked on the side of the road don't leave enough space, or tuck their wing mirrors in properly.

The other difference was that this time it was my fault, not that of a speeding BMW not slowing down properly. I was (and still am) wearing a large and heavy pair of thick soled, steel toe capped boots which I wear because I think they make me look cool. They are however completely inappropriate for driving in because they are too thick to allow you to feel the pedals properly and too wide to allow you to press on one pedal without catching yourself on another pedal or the side of the foot well. You can just about get by ok when you are paying attention, but not at 8 in the morning when you can't be entirely sure this is real life and not just a weird dream.

As a result, when I came across a small gap between the row of parked cars and a car coming the other way I went to brake and found that my foot wasn't sufficiently well positioned to have anything but a small affect on the pedal. Some careful steering and a thorough but speedy assessment of my foot position followed by a slight adjustment allowed me to avoid bumping up my insurance premiums again, but it was a close thing.

I'm considering writing to the university and highlighting the considerable health and safety risks of making students drive in at a time when mother nature tells them they should be well and truly in bed. Sadly, I have a sneaking suspicion that if I do they will just write back reminding me of the 'perfectly good? bus that I could catch instead. They are quite right of course, as is everyone who uses the same argument, but what none of them seem to understand is that I like driving. It is one of my favourite things and even a crappy drive through the Bristol traffic and high fuel prices can't stop me enjoying it.

Also on a good day I can do the entire journey in 7 minutes (legally) where as it will take at least 30 minutes going on the bus (not including waiting time for the bloody piece of crap to show up).

I wanted to start this post with a quotation of something that someone had said to me today. I've seen it done on other blogs and it has always seemed like a good place to start an entry. Sadly though, I've just noticed that it is nearly two in the afterlunch and I have yet to actually talk to anyone today. I said hello to the cashier who charged me for my lunch but that is it, despite having been on a busy uni campus since before 8:30. I think what makes it worse is that at no point in the day has this struck me as odd or unusual. Has my social life here really reached the point where I don't even notice being alone anymore?

As mentioned above, it is 2pm and so half an hour before my last lecture of the day, after which I can drive home (without killing anyone) and start relaxing ahead of the weekend. You never know, there might just be something good on TV tonight, but lets not push it. After all it is still Friday the 13th for another 10 hours '..

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