The Book Worm Is Stuffed

Posted on Monday 23rd April 2007 at 00:00
?When you?re in a hole, stop digging.?

A very appropriate saying for many situations I'm sure you'd agree. Just now though, I've found one I didn't think it would fit to: reading. As those who check my current book list will know, I'm currently reading a book by Clarkson that I picked up in WH Smiths a couple of months ago, while looking for a birthday present for my mother. I chose it because I'd previously read a book of his that had proved to be something of a page turner. Indeed, I finished that book in about three days flat, which is quite unusual for me.

This one is a lot thicker, but despite this, I'm just not as gripped as with the last one. In short, I've got myself stuck in a hole that I can't dig my way out of. It isn't a bad book. Not bad at all. The problem is that it's incredibly samey. To tell the truth, it isn't really a book in its own right at all but merely a collection of articles for newspapers and magazines written over a number of years, and as such, it is great reading if you only read one article a week.

Put them all together though and you end up with page after page of overlapping short stories, reused analogies and more car reviews for vehicles that hit the market 10 years ago than a reasonable man can stomach easily.

If I'm fair to Clarkson, I must say it isn't him, it's me. It seems that these days I'm unable to read any particular genre or author for more than a short while at time before either loosing the will to live or else giving up on reading altogether. My obsession of last summer was Lee Child's Jack Reacher books. I read about three of them in as many weeks, but after that I couldn't read anymore. I have the book I'm currently reading on the shelf above my head, where it has sat for months. I was in Moscow when I started it and it was August.

I'm still almost on the same page as Moscow as well. I've brought it out once or twice since then, but I've never been able to get stuck in and finish the damn thing. And now the same has happened with the Clarkson book. It seems in future I'm going to have to alternate between different authors after every book I read, otherwise I'll need to rent a second room to store all the unfinished books I own.

Last year I must have read a dozen books in as many months, which for a slow reader like myself is quite something. This year I've not finished a single book and have only started two or three. I'm all for growing and changing as I get older, but this is one trend I need to reverse and quickly!

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