Dangerous Drivers Dissected Spring Special

Posted on Saturday 21st April 2007 at 00:00
In this special Spring Edition of Dangerous Drivers Dissected, Ignorminious looks at how not to negotiate a narrow stretch of road when there are vehicles coming the other way.

This is a problem encountered by drivers everyday on Britain's roads. Being the elderly sort of country that it is, Britain has many old buildings about the place, and subsequently, many narrow roads attempting to weave between them. Sadly, navigating such roads is not something that is covered specifically in the UK driving test, though it probably should be.

You see, many people on our roads today apparently are unable to understand that when the road narrows on their side and there isn't enough room for two vehicles to pass, it is up to them to give way to oncoming traffic, not the other way round. These are apparently the same people who don't appear to be able to gauge the width of their vehicle accurately enough to know when they can and cannot squeeze through a gap. A bad combination you might say, and you'd be right.

I bring this up now because just the other day I was very nearly run off the road by some bloke driving a bus. I was minding my own business driving back from Tesco when I began to pass a stretch of wall that stuck out a little way into the road on the far side. Part way along I encountered a bus, and so began to slow down.

The driver was clearly worried about his nearside wing mirror, because I remember he'd left a gap of at least three feet between himself and the offending wall. Unfortunately this put him well over the centre of the road, and by so much that as he approached, still doing 30 and with no signs of slowing, I was forced to pull right over and pass the vehicle with my nearside tyres scrapping along the curb, just to stop my offside mirror from becoming a new feature on the front of his blasted bus.

I think I'd have been pretty pissed off if it'd been a regular car or van driver, but bus drivers are supposed to be trained professionals, who we trust with the lives of their passengers, as well as other road users. This guy clearly didn't have a clue, and for this reason he makes it into the Dangerous Drivers Dissected hall of fame.

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