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Posted on Saturday 21st April 2007 at 00:00
I've just been making a few small changes to the RSS feed for the blog that I thought some of you might be interesting in hearing about.

Firstly, I fixed the date tag that is used to tell your RSS reader when I wrote the post. This is important for making sure that posts appear in the correct order when you view them. It is especially important for readers using Windows Vista, as this operating system has an RSS reader on the Sidebar, which will show you headlines for your most recently updated feeds. Unfortunately this requires the date tag to be correctly formatted; otherwise it misses out the post from the list, which is what was happening to all my posts. This has now been fixed.

The other change is to the way the links within the RSS feeds work. Previously, if you clicked the Comments link at the bottom of a feed, you'd be taken to the comments page on the site itself, and would then have to click a link from there to see the RSS Comments feed. Now if you click that link you shall be taken straight to the relevant feed without having to visit the main site at all.

Also, up until now, if you clicked the name of a commenter in the feed, you'd be taken to their comment on the main site. I've decided though that this is useless, since you can see what the comment is anyway from the feed. This link will now takes you directly to the commenter's web site, same as clicking on their name on the website.

Got all that?

I think I've made it all sound rather confusing, but at quarter to 2 in the morning I'm past caring. If you are using RSS feeds you will probably understand what I mean. If you haven't moved on to this piece of technology yet, I highly recommend that you do so, as it is by far the easiest way of checking to see which blogs have been updated and which haven't. Internet Explorer 7 comes with an RSS reader built in, so really you've got no excuse not to use it :-)

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