Horray For Old Brissol

Posted on Monday 16th April 2007 at 00:00
You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I much prefer my Yateley life to my life in Bristol. At least, I certainly remember writing it. It may come as a surprise to you, therefore, to learn that I have returned to Bristol for the new term and discovered, once again, that I actually quite like the place.

It isn't Yateley, not by a long way, but it isn't Hell either, and nor is it Swindon, which I think is important to note. There is always something very strange about coming back to somewhere you know well but have been away from for a while, and such was the case at 2 o clock this morning when I walked in through my front door and, having unloaded the contents of my car into my room, proceeded to walk around the communal parts of my house, wondering why it felt so weird to be back.

I guess that is what comes of living a double life. I have two homes, two sets of friends, two occupations and two fairly different life styles. Although I switch between the two fairly often, I've never quite gotten used to the change. As I stood in the clean, yellow, dilapidated kitchen of my Bristol home, I found myself smiling with pleasure to be back.

I'd not been over enthusiastic about leaving Yateley when, an hour and a half earlier, I'd reversed down the drive and away into the night. Home is fun, even if it can be restrictive for anyone used to their independence. Bristol means work, looking after myself and waking up every day thinking I really don't want to live in a house like this for the rest of my life, but even so, once I found myself back here, I was delighted to have my freedom back and be going back to work and all the rest of it.

Going slightly off topic now, in the interests of staying current: J just received a reply to the angry email she sent the landlords the other day, detailing all the problems with the house. In the reply, they promised once again to replace my fridge (not the freezer) and tackle the mold in my room and H's room.

Now, we aren't opposed to the mold going away (although we have strong reservations about the methods they might use) but what we'd actually like them to tackle is the cause of the mold, i.e. the serious damp problem that causes paper to wrinkle up, people to keep getting ill, the rooms to be cold all the time and my milk shake powder to go rock solid.

Sadly damp is rarely a problem that can be fixed by painting over walls or doing anything else that doesn't involve spending lots of money. Our landlords won't fork out on this house, that much is pretty clear now. I guess we'll just have to sit tight and hope the building doesn't fall down before our contract runs out.

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