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Posted on Thursday 12th October 2006 at 00:00
It has just occurred to me that today it is exactly a month since I moved into my new home in Bristol. Wow, that is actually quite a long time. It certainly doesn't feel like a month, although I wouldn't exactly say the time has flown by. Quite the opposite in fact as each day has been long and full of much enjoyment.

I've just finished washing up for the first time in nearly a week. I'm sure it wasn't that bad but for some reason I seem to have a mental block against doing it, especially in the evening when I'm tired. As far as household chores go I think it has to be the pits. Not only is it one of the wettest, smelliest things you can do around the house, but also it is the only one that has to be done every day. Three times a day if you are properly doing it and even if all you have to wash up is your breakfast bowl it is still horrible and depressing. Drying up is even worse really. I've never been very good at drying up for some reason. I'm always very slow at it and the dishes never seem to get any drier, the tea towel just gets wetter.

Word 2007 is a bit annoying. Although the overall layout has been improved, certain things that have been standard for about a million years have been changed in this version and it seems terribly wrong to me. Take the default font for example. I remember using Word for Windows 6 about 11 years ago on Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (does anyone remember that?) and every time it loaded up it was always Times New Roman size 12. Not the prettiest font in the world but it was a good reliable one that you could always trust to be acceptable for school work and such like.

Now the default is Calibri (Body) size 11. A nice looking font to be sure but no good what so ever for uni as I have to get it changed back to Times New Roman or they won't accept it. The other thing they've changed is a single press of the enter key now drops the curser down two lines instead of one. Really, really confusing if you aren't used to it. What's more, it doesn't register on the admin page for this blog, so I have to do double entering for paragraphs anyway. Silly thing.

This is turning into a bit of a whiney post, I do apologise. The trouble with being at home all day by myself is that I've not created any good anecdotes to rely to you, dear reader. I will instead have to refer back to last night and tell you about the great fun I had trying to cook dinner after having drunk nearly an entire bottle of wine.

I went shopping in the afternoon with my housemate who decided to buy a bottle of wine. SO as not to0 feel left out I duly went and did the same and we headed for the checkout. Upon getting home she produced a glass and decided to have a drink. Being the sort of sociable person I am I immediately got a glass from the cupboard and proceeded to match her glass for glass. What I in fact didn't realise til the end of my second glass was that my glass was nearly twice the size of hers and I had already drunk most of my bottle.

Being that this was on a very empty stomach I was having difficulty standing and so decided I'd cancel out the booze with a little bit of food. The dish of the day turned out to be chicken in breadcrumbs and pasta in a tomato sauce. Not a difficult meal generally, but certain issues with hand-eye coordination and general clumsiness lead to the shattering of a glass bowl which wasn't even involved in the meal but was sitting quietly by itself waiting to be washed up; that is until I dropped the jar with the sauce in from a great height onto it.

I also succeeded in becoming accomplished in the art of pouring boiling water over myself while operating a colander. What I'd failed to realise as I poured the water with my newly cooked pasta into the colander is that this clever little device has holes in the side to allow the easy draining of hot water away from whatever was being cooked in said water and what's more that my finger was covering one of the holes.

I think the oddest bit was that I was so under the influence that I was only vaguely aware of the scolding water and so didn't bother running my hand under a tap afterwards. I also didn't allow my food to cool down before sticking it in my mouth but that is ok because I couldn't really feel my tongue either. I think it tasted quite nice but I wouldn't like to say for sure.

I'm currently awaiting an email from Anna at Little Red Boat to see if I can add a link to her site from here as part of a list of links I want to have on the right hand nav panel. I feel it isn't fair to subject people to this drivel without offering them a reasonably close method of escape to a much better (and funnier) part of the web.

Perhaps now I should go and find out if I'm supposed to be preparing anything for the 8:30am seminar I have tomorrow. The forecast is for fog at about the time I'll be driving in to university. Great. I've never through fog before and now I'm going to try and do so at rush hour through one of the busiest cities in the country. If you don't hear from me again I'm sure you can guess the reason.


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