I Have A Theory … Part Two

Posted on Friday 30th March 2007 at 00:00
I have a theory that the sun is hotter in the morning than in the afternoon. No, hear me out on this one! I know it isn't actually hotter in the morning, because that would be impossible. The temperature of the sun doesn't change all that much from one millennium to the next, never mind over a single day, but I think maybe the effect of it does. My case study is thus.

My house has been built with the front facing west and the back facing east. The rooms at the back of the house are continually warm and seem to benefit from a lot of sunlight. They are dry and comfortable and ideal for hanging one's washing in, as it dries in a couple of hours, even in winter.

The rooms at the front of the house couldn't be more different. They are perpetually cold and damp, even with adequate ventilation and the heating switched on. Drying clothes takes closer a couple of days than a couple of hours and there is mould all over the walls. If I'm honest, the front probably gets a little less sun than the back, but even taking that into account, the hours of sunlight in the afternoon and evening aren't nearly as beneficial as the ones in the morning.

I wouldn't mind but my room is at the front; it sucks. Also of relevance is the positioning of the radiators. I've always thought that the whole putting them under the window thing was a bit of a farce, but it can't escape my notice that the two rooms which are cold and damp all the time are the two with radiators across the room from the window, rather than directly underneath it.

I'm very reluctant to move at the end of this year, but even I can't deny that the house is a bit shit. Mind you, the landlords haven't even mentioned next year yet, so who knows what is happening there ...

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