The Queen

Posted on Wednesday 21st March 2007 at 00:00
I saw the Queen earlier. Obviously not the Queen, but The Queen, as in the Helen Mirren film which came out in the cinema last year sometime and on DVD more recently. I hadn't seen it before, but was curious and so hired it from the video shop.

It was actually really good. Not surprising really, given the Oscars and all, but no, it really was a very well made film. As with any film about real life public figures, characterisation was very important and they nailed it in all of the crucial roles. All of the royal family behaved with such accuracy, even down to their voices, that I actually felt like I was watching the real royals, in spite of the obvious differences in appearance.

The politians were also played well, with Tony Blair appearing young, alive and full of enthusiasm for his new job (as was the case in 97) and Alistair Campbell coming across as the dirty little low life he undoubtedly is. I also felt the balance of genuine footage with recreated footage worked rather well, with news reports from the time being replayed, and only the bits showing the principle characters being reshot to include the actors? faces.

Best of all was the way in which the film was able to help you see things from each of the characters view points, and encourage real sympathy and empathy for them and their situation, where perhaps none existed previously.

So yea, if you get the chance, and have not already done so, go and see it. Definitely well worth a slice of your evening. And now I think I'm going to go to bed, as all that excitement has left me very tired, and with a long day of coursework ahead of me tomorrow.

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