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Posted on Saturday 17th March 2007 at 00:00
My internet is fucked :(

For two days now, pretty much every other page I've tried to load has turned into a message from BT Wholesale, complaining about issues with my service provider. Quite what they expect me to do about it I don't know, but I really hope someone sorts it soon, as this is really pissing me off.

Every time I get one of these messages I have to close my browser down and start again. It's insane! How is anyone supposed to get any work done?! On the odd occasion it doesn't redirect to that message, it decides to be selective over which parts of the page to load. I'm attempting to browse a selection of photos taken by a friend of mine, but only about a third of them actually load, and hitting refresh doesn't do anything either. Most annoying!

I've just come back from what could be described as an evening out. It started with an early evening session at work, as is often the case on a Friday evening. After we'd finished, the boss and I went to visit the duty manager, who was supervising an event to showcase the many different cultures within the university as part of the Destination:World week.

I hadn't planned to stay long, but before I knew where I was I'd been sucked in. There was an absolutely fantastic Chinese Dragon, the operators of which were unbelievable dancers, jumping onto the tables around the room and dancing across them without spilling a single drink. It was most impressive! There were several other acts, including Bollywood dancing and a Gospel choir, none of which was the slightest bit disappointing.

I ended up staying for the whole event in the end, before moving across to the Student Union, where St Paddy's was being celebrated with Drink the Bar Dry. Not sure I've ever seen it so busy actually. I was queuing for at least 30 minutes to get served and nearly died from being squashed between people so much. If anyone had been in a bad mood and started a fight, someone would have died & it was that packed! Luckily though everyone was in high spirits, and no one seemed to mind me standing on their toes all the time.

In other news, I'm going to try and use the weekend to catch up on the list of blog posts I want to write and haven't. Previously I've considered waiting a few days before writing about an event, in order to get some perspective on it, but I see now that this doesn't work. In order for a post to be well written, it needs a close emotional connection to my memory of the event. As time fades the emotion dies with it and the prospect of writing the post becomes far less interesting.

There are many posts I could have written over the last few days, but probably never will now. Things like my trip to the swimming pool for the first time in years should have been written about straight away, and the agony that followed when I slept badly on one of my shoulders should have been put onto the blog before the pain killers kicked in. I may still write about them, but written retrospectively, the essence of what I want to say will be lost.

So yea, expect a good few posts over the weekend, and then I'll try and be more regular during the rest of the week. No more gaps between Monday and Friday! Work is not a good excuse, whatever you may care to believe.

Laters people!

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