Red Nose Day

Posted on Friday 16th March 2007 at 00:00
A deluge of posts across the UK Blogsphere today has reminded Ignorminious of two things:

1. It is Comic Relief today.

2. A certain book has now been published. The book in question is of course Shaggy Blog Stories; a complication of funny blog posts from many famous, and some less famous bloggers, created for Red Nose Day and with all the money raised going to charity (minus printing costs of course).

It looks something like this:

Ignorminious is sadly not in it. He wanted to be of course, but when he asked his readers to tell him which post they thought was his funniest and should be included, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON COULD BE BOTHERED TO REPLY!

Ignorminious is not a bitter so go buy the book now!

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