Sod the Air Con

Posted on Tuesday 10th October 2006 at 00:00
What is the obsession with air conditioning in October? I know I'm in a PC lab and they have a tendency to get hot in October, but at this time of year the struggle is keeping them warm enough, not cooling them down. I shall be seriously annoyed if I have to move PC to one that is out of reach of the air conditioning breeze, or else switch to an entirely different room. I'm sure there must be one somewhere about where they have yet to modernise to the point of having environmental controls. I can see a thermostat on the opposite wall. Perhaps if I wait until the room is empty and then go and fiddle with it the air con will switch off?

Off course in this place it is entirely possible that the heating and air con use separate thermostats, installed in different centuries and that by touching the wrong one I'll start a battle between the heating and the air con for temperature control supremacy in the room and by doing so waste a whole load of electricity thus contributing to global warming and consequently killing the planet stone dead. *breathes*

Ah what the hell, I never liked that lousy, whiney environment anyway ...

Ok, I was right, they are on separate systems. I think the air con might be remote controlled actually so it doesn't look like I'll be able to switch off that needless and rather annoying flow of oh so cold air. I'll probably move in a minute since the rest of the room appears to be quite warm, but obviously not before I finish this post.

If I ever have cause to redesign my site I am definitely using CSS. The complexities of a blog means that my usual ability to simplify building and updating a site by siphoning off core parts of the coding to standard files that get included into every page has been somewhat more limited than usual and the knock on effect has been that I'm more or less back to making a change on one page and then having to copy it across to all the other pages. I have a feeling that offloading all the style information would go a long way to easing up the amount of repeating scripts I have to write.

Think I might experiment with that now actually ...

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