Fridge: The Saga Continues

Posted on Sunday 4th March 2007 at 00:00
The landlord came round on Friday, supposedly to replace the fridge. I'd been on the phone to him the night before and explained that it was the freezer unit that was faulty, but the fridge part works fine. Since he'd been planning to bring a fridge round without a freezer he was rather put out by this news, but said he'd come anyway and hopefully pop into Currys to buy a new fridge freezer, and then replace my faulty one.

He showed up at about half 11, sans fridge freezer, by which time I was in mid coursework panic mode and headed straight upstairs to bleed the bathroom radiator and look at the damp problem in H's room. A few minutes later he returns downstairs and comes in to admire the mould I've been carefully growing on the wall behind my bed.

Having decided that he has no idea what has caused either problem he announces that he's off on holiday on Monday and so won't be able to sort it til he gets back. When reminded by H about the fridge freezer he says he is still looking for one and I'll have to manage as I am for the time being. Lucky me.
This morning J points out that the pressure gauge on the boiler has dropped from 1 bar to almost zero. We aren't entirely sure why, but we think that when the radiator was bled, no water was added to the system to fill the gap, and so now all our radiators are half full.

Since we didn't install the boiler we have no idea how to refill the system and are now waiting for the boiler to break down as well. Oh happy days.

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