Lunar Eclipse

Posted on Sunday 4th March 2007 at 00:00
It's getting a little late for a full post, so instead I've decided to share a few of my photos from the lunar eclipse with you instead. J and I ventured outside for a quarter of an hour or so earlier and resisted cold winds and polluted air in order to better see the moon it its rarest state.

These were the results:

I'm deeply suspicious of this picture, as it looks more like a worm than the moon we all know and love.

Does anyone remember those videos in physics lessons that tried to demonstrate how the rubber ball bounces?

At last a reasonable result!

I've not included full size versions as I really can't be bothered. If anyone is desperate to see in more detail what a blurred moon looks like, just let me know.

The basic problem was that I don't have a tripod, and at that sort of distance, with the increased shutter time to account for the poor light, even small movements made huge differences to the picture.

Need a more powerful camera for next time me thinks!

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