An Interesting Development

Posted on Saturday 3rd March 2007 at 00:00
Following on from my last post I have good news to report.

It seems that somehow, while thinking about my work ethic and wishing I could enjoy what I do or else do something I enjoy, something clicked in my brain, and before I knew where I was it occurred to me that I was actually enjoying my coursework!

Ok, so it was 4 in the morning and I may well have been delirious, but it seemed pretty genuine. The case study I chose to base the work on was my own place of work, and it seems that that personal touch was enough to make me interested in what I was doing. For months now, I've been experiencing the organisation, learning about it and discovering all its problems. I've obsessed about all the things I think could be done better, and then suddenly, I'm there writing a report about that very thing!

An hour or two in and I found myself wishing I had much more time to do the essay, so that I could write multiple drafts and really refine my thoughts on the subject; really make it a good piece of work. I've probably never felt like that before about something I've actually had to do, not once. Now suddenly I can see myself actually liking the idea of becoming a manager in a company, being able to find these problems and actually fix them myself.

Perhaps this is the turning point. Perhaps this is the part of my life when I finally decide what I want to do, after years of having no idea whatsoever. It is early days yet, and I still have many tests to get through, but it would probably be the best thing in the world is this the start of the next chapter of my working life.

Stay tuned folks.

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