The Dangerous Game

Posted on Wednesday 28th February 2007 at 00:00
I've long held a theory that says that watching football leads to temporary brain damage. For many years I'd felt that this was probably a condition restricted entirely to the male species, but apparently not.

Yesterday there was a football match in Bristol. A big one, apparently. The two main teams, Bristol City and Bristol Rovers went head to head in a game that was so important that GWR arranged their whole schedule around it, with a special post match show and everything. As usual I was keen to avoid the evil sport as much as possible and so sat on the internet with the radio off for much of the evening.

My housemate, J, does not share my view of football. Quite the reverse in fact. As she so frequently reminded us upon her return from the game last night, it's 'fucking genius?. And that is odd, because J isn't usually one to swear all that much. Nor is she generally into being loud, bellowing or punching people on the arm. Yet she was doing plenty of all of these things upon her return from the game.

It was almost as though she'd been given a massive injection of testosterone at some point during the evening. Even her voice had gone unnaturally deep. In essence, this intelligent, calm, well spoken girl had transformed into a butch, manly, rowdy, football loving bloke.

Luckily the effects seem to have worn off now, but it's clear to me that the 'beautiful game? is in desperate need of a health warning on the label.

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