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Posted on Wednesday 28th February 2007 at 00:00
Yesterday I finally received an email from my landlady responding to my frequent complaints about my freezer, which has been in the process of dying slowly and painfully over the last few months, and now no longer gets cold enough to actually freeze things properly.

The email kindly informed me that a new fridge had been bought (without a freezer) and would be delivered on Thursday. I'm not sure how to reply to this one really. I suppose I should start by pointing out that it is the freezer that has broken, not the fridge, and that secondly if you are going to replace a fridge freezer, you need to replace it with a new fridge freezer, since you cannot balance and fridge and a freezer on top of each other if they are separate units.

My third point will have to be that I'm not here on Thursday, and nor is anyone else. This means that they will have to come down by themselves, empty my current fridge freezer, take it out, put in the new one and restock it by themselves, and then put all my frozen food into the one remaining freezer, which is already being shared by two people and is absolutely packed full.

I despair sometimes .....

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