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Posted on Tuesday 27th February 2007 at 00:00
Below are a collection of random thoughts I blogged on my mobile to kill time during an unusually dull work shift on Monday night. Having tried and failed to post them directly, I've painstakingly typed them up on the computer for your reading pleasure.

- As my watch ticks slowly round to 8pm, I find myself sat in a small room, which might once have been a corridor between two rooms. Today it serves as the university cloak room and it's my domain!

- Ha, what a joke! If I'd been asked to wile away the hours by coming up with a slogan for the place it'd be 'Shit jobs for shit people?. Yes, as you can probably tell, I'm bored. Having already been here for nearly two hours, and with another two still to go, it looks like I'm in for the long haul.

- I don't actually have to do anything here, just sit and guard coats until their owners are ready to leave. In the interim I've explored every single way I can think of for getting this phone to work on the net, to no avail. Instead I've settled for writing a blog post in the phone's email app.

- Yesterday I saw an article on the Beeb's Click about the phenomenon of phone blogging. Apparently phone bloggers tend to focus on picture and video blogs rather than text, and I can see why! Still, at least it keeps my fingers warm. Good thing to, given that the cloak room is located very close to a popular outside door.

- I'm guessing phone bloggers can usually get the internet on their phones. I've not yet worked out how to get what I'm typing here onto my computer. I hope I won't have to type it out again.

- My legs are really aching.

- Perhaps the cup of tea I've just been handed will help ...

- Other than this obvious low point, the day hasn't been too bad. I arrived at work on time and cheerful, sun glasses in place to celebrate a slight upturn in the weather. I got to stay an extra hour because of the broken dishwasher (which was fixed mid afternoon) and I was allowed a few scraps of chocolate that were left over.

- I just burnt my tongue on the tea.

- I've killed about 40 minutes writing this so far.

- I need the loo now ....

- ... I wonder if I'm allowed to leave .....

- .... I think I shall, this is killing my soul.

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