Posted on Saturday 24th February 2007 at 00:00
For the last few days I've been surrounded by ill house mates. Both J and H have gone down with something that quite possibly was brought into the house by H's boyfriend, D, who, despite living on the other side of Bristol, seems to spend a substantial amount of his time here.

I've been the only one who has (so far) managed to avoid coughing their guts up at every possible opportunity. I did try to get a sound bite for you as an example, but the prospect of having my microphone covered in phlegm was just too unappealing.

The one good thing about everyone in the house being ill except me is that no one has been able to stop coughing long enough to complain about my lack of washing up, which is helpful, since I went a full five days without doing any. In my defence, I've been working every day this last week and so have been eating my main meals at work each lunch time and only snacking in the evening, so the washing up pile has remained pretty small.

The other day I was sent out for sent out for tomato soup, which apparently is the single best cure for absolutely every ailment under the sun. I've yet to be convinced myself, as both the girls still seem rather under the weather, but then I'm not ill, so perhaps it does work :)

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