Honest Blogging

Posted on Tuesday 20th February 2007 at 00:00
I'm often made to wonder, having read a variety of blogs on the web, how many users feel they are able to be completely honest in what they say. Do a lot of people feel they can blog bluntly, without worrying about what those around them might think, or are most of us writing in fear of the repercussions of our words?

As I see it, one of the fundamentals of blogging that most appeals to me is that you can say whatever is on your mind. It doesn't have to be nice or polite or politically correct, so long as it is what you really feel. But is this actually the case anymore? I know from speaking to other bloggers that many of us are proud of our blogs and so advertise the fact that we are bloggers to people we know. Sometimes we will even go so far as to hand out the links to people in order to better show case our work.

But in doing this, are we perhaps shooting ourselves in the foot rather? Could it be said that one of the best things about our blogs is their anonymity? The problem, I think is that if you tell a friend about your blog and they go online and read it, and keep on reading it, you can never again write anything about them which you wouldn't wish to say to them face to face.

All very well and good if it is just a friend, but what if it is a family member, a work colleague or perhaps a lover? These are the people we spend most of our lives with, and not surprisingly, they tend to be the ones most likely to get up our noses. You can like someone as much as you like, but if you spend a lot of time with them, they are bound to wind you up eventually. It is only human nature after all.

Basically the problem is this: How can we let off steam on our blogs if the very people we need to rant about are our readers? For example, there could be lots of stuff I'd like to say about living here. As is often the case with student living, there is loads of complaining to be done, and perhaps I'd do so once in a while, to make me feel better, if the house mates didn't regularly log on for a read.

Alternatively what about work, that other place where I spend so much of my time. Everyone likes to rant about the people they work with. It is just the done thing. Not surprising really, given that work is usually a fairly stressful part of our lives, and whether or not we enjoy it depends largely on those around us.

But, have a bitch about your job or the people you work with and suddenly you find yourself fired. Doesn't matter what it says in your contract (if you even have one) about blogging, if you are caught talking about work, most bosses will show you the door.

And so, we find ourselves stuck in this crazy world of talking about our lives, without ever actually talking about them, or at least not the bits we'd like to talk about. That being so, I'm left wondering, what is the point exactly?

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