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Posted on Wednesday 14th February 2007 at 00:00
Following on from my post about the style of my blog, I now find myself questioning its content, and the way it is delivered. I've recently noticed that different bloggers have very different approaches to deciding what to write about, the effect of which can drastically alter their blog's place in the blogsphere. Some, for example, like to write about a single aspect of their lives, or perhaps several aspects. They will write entirely about these subjects without ever touching upon anything else happening to them at the time.

This seems to me to be a good way of ensuring a dedicated fan base, by promising a particular type of reading for them, on a subject which presumably they enjoy. It is possible for them to appreciate and be inspired by one little safe topic, without ever running the risk of encountering a depressing post about some other problem. The downside of this is that you always have to have something to say about this one subject, and I can't think of anything in my life that would inspire me to talk about it every single day.

Others choose to talk about their entire lives and pretty much whatever is on their minds. This gives you a lot to talk about generally speaking, but it does leave your readers open to a fair bit of abuse when you?re on a low point. Again this can cost you an audience, as reading blogs is basically a form of entertainment, and there isn't a lot that is entertaining about someone feeling sorry for them self.

A recent theme among bloggers is serieseseseseseseseseseseses (sp?). A great example of this is Smaller Than Life's hugely popular Bathmatwatch; a series which ran for over a month and had us all on the edge of our seats by the climatic end. He's since moved onto a new series in which he publishes a book he wrote when he was 6 and then adds a critical analysis at the end.

I quite like this idea actually. A series gives you a basic theme to write about for a time, without having to tie you down to a single topic for too long. It can also be interspersed with pictures and video to divide up the content, which brings us onto our final idea for content: varied media.

There are some blogs out there which focus entirely on pictures and video. Whilst I can't imagine I could go to those extremes, I think it should be an aim of mine to vary the content from time to time, either with a picture or a sound bite or something, just to keep the blog looking fresh.

If anyone has any ideas of the sort of thing they'd like to see from Misty Mind in the future, I'd be very glad to hear from you. After all, as YouTube have shown us, it is the users who really make a site work.

I leave you now with a video which a friend of mine shot in the summer when she was supposed to be working. I'd forgotten all about it until she sent me a link to it a few weeks back. It is a dramatisation of Paradise Lost, but anyone who knows the story of Adam and Eve will hopefully enjoy it.

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