And After That Rude Interuption …

Posted on Saturday 3rd February 2007 at 00:00
...... wow, I'm back .......

Yep, definitely here it seems. Thank God for that! Well, what with one thing and another it has been a pretty awful week for me, technology wise. It started with Vista being a pain in the arse over Windows Genuine Advantage which eventually led to me having to reinstall the OS from scratch and was then followed by my website being suspended for two days, as anyone responsible for the 2.5 million (no exaggeration) hits during that time may have noticed.

Sadly it seems that although I have a huge amount of bandwidth given to me per month, I'm not allowed to use it all in a day, as this causes things to break, and so when a bunch of complete toss pots hacked into my site again and emailed half the planet with the address, my hosting company cut me off until things returned to normal, as they have now, finally, done.

So, sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days, but it has taken until today to get things live again. In that time I was able to take delivery of my new monitor, a 20? TFT, which was my present to myself for working so hard in December and eventually getting paid for it at the end of last week. This, combined with the new wireless deskset I bought last weekend has really made my desk look pretty cool. So cool in fact that I'm going to show it off to you all:

Wide screen is pretty amazing on a computer, but sadly I've discovered that this website doesn't take to it very well. I guess I'm going to have to have another crack at making it size friendly for everyone. I've got some ideas of how this might work, but we shall see over the next few days. Don't hold your breath though (it can lead to brain damage).

In other news, I am attempting to re-acclimatise myself to British winters by not switching the heating on. This stems from an argument with H yesterday morning about whether or not the heating should be on in time for when people get up. Although I am uncomfortably cold, it isn't nearly as bad as I expected, despite the cold night we've been forecast. I'm hoping that if I can learn to adjust to being cold more of the time I'll stop feeling it as much, and so avoid anymore disagreements about gas usage.

Over the last week I thought of lots of things to say and failed to write any of them because of these problems. This is something I need to sort out, as catch up posts are really boring to read all of the time, and rely totally on my very shaky memory. So, for the rest of February (at least) I intend to follow in the footsteps of Anna and post at least once a day, every day. I know this is doable as I did it last April on Ignorminious? Scrap Book. Ok, it wasn't easy thinking of things to say, but I'm sure I can pad it out with memes and photos and such like. A variety of content would probably be a good idea for this blog anyway.

Peace Out.

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