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Pizza-Pasta, Pasta-Pizza

Posted on Friday 27th February 2009 at 00:00
Well, hello there blog! Been a while hasn’t it?

Yes, yes, I know and I’m sorry. But as I have pointed out in a few of my recent posts, coursework comes before blogging. Or rather came before blogging. For now I’m proud to announce that at around 09:30am this morning I finally handed in the last piece of coursework on my degree course :D

As you can imagine, I am delighted to say the least. I’ve been working on this year’s coursework for the past two months, and I know my blogging has suffered for it, but I really hope that that is about to change now that it is over, done and out the way.

And so to today’s post, which I’m actually writing, proper old skool style, in Word, rather than in WordPress. Not by choice, I might add, but thanks to a bunch of greedy people using over 150Gb of bandwidth to download stuff from my servers this morning, my account has now been suspended for 24 hours, to let the servers recover. Which, by the way, is really, really annoying on the first evening in 2 months that I’ve been able to justify playing with my various websites.

Anyway, enough about that. What I actually wish to talk to you about today is a visit the Divine L and I made to Pizza Hut in Plymouth the other week. We’d fancied going for a while, especially given the whole Pizza/Pasta thing.

Actually on that note, it probably goes without saying, but that is one of the worst ideas in the history of retailing. Pizza Hut works. It makes good tasting, desirable pizzas at prices people are prepared to pay, in a wide enough range of options to satisfy everyone, save the strictly orthodox members of a cult, sworn to abstain from Pizza. It works really well. There was no need to waste all that money switching to Pasta Hut. Even if the idea wasn’t too stupid to try, the reality helped put aside any doubts on the issue I had.

We were, as I previously observed, keen to visit Pizza Hut to try the new pasta dishes. We’d acquired a 50% off voucher, in order to ease our bank accounts and, upon arriving, we found ourselves stuck between craving a pizza and wanting to try the new pasta offerings.

In the end we settled on one pizza and one pasta dish, to share between us. I forget which pizza we chose, as they are all rather nice, but I think it might have been the Chicken Supreme. The memory of the pasta will, I fear, never leave my memory though, for it was a disappointment from the first sorry mouthful until the last.

As it was a limited edition, we decided to try the Liz McClarnon Signature Pasta Dish. According to the menu, former Atomic Kitten Liz had recently won Celebrity Masterchef. If this is true then I can only assume that the judges had left their taste buds at home that day. Not that it would have made much difference. The dish was so bland that at first I thought I’d accidentally put a napkin in my mouth instead of the 7.99 pasta offering. It was like taking a microwave pasta meal and then somehow extracting what little flavour was left.

The pasta was tasteless.

The mascarpone sauce was tasteless.

The Italian Style sausage was tasteless.

The roasted tomatoes were, yep, you’ve guessed it, tasteless.

How could a meal be so bland? Was it just me? No, L was of exactly the same opinion. The pizza was lovely, but the pasta could have been made from cardboard. I could have been eating the table for all my taste buds knew!

What an utter disappointment, to build one’s hopes up so, only to have them dashed by such a miserable offering. If it hadn’t been for the 50% off voucher ensuring that we weren’t actually paying for the thing, we’d have probably demanded our money back, it was that poor. And L and I aren’t exactly known for complaining about food. Quite the reverse in fact.

Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you. If you feel the need to go to Pizza Hut, please do. If you feel the need to order a pizza, please do. If you feel the need to have a healthy salad with it, please, please do. But whatever you do, please do not waste your hard earned cash on a Pizza Hut pasta, they just aren’t worth it.


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Will it Ever Stop Snowing?!

Posted on Friday 6th February 2009 at 00:00
As I write this the snow is falling for at least the third time this week, and it has been forecast to land on Bristol almost every day for the next week or so. I guess when they say it's the most dramatic snow for 20 years they really mean it, huh?

Today Bristol was hit far worse than before, resulting in the closure of my uni and most of the schools in the area, as well as a suspension of all the buses in the city for several hours. I took advantage of my first ever snow day to get you some decent quality photos of the snow around here, taken on a proper camera this time.

By the time I'd finished applying for jobs and had eaten lunch, the snow in Bristol itself had turned completely to slush, so I decided to venture out of the city and take a walk along the Bristol to Bath cycle path, at the point that it passes the Avon Valley Railway. Hopefully the resulting pictures offer something slightly different to the usual pictures of snow covered cars.

Snow Covered Tracks

Cold Loco

Snowy South Glos


Many, many more photos can be found in my Flickr Photostream, so please take a look if you are interested :-)

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Posted on Tuesday 3rd February 2009 at 00:00
I'm hoping to find time this afternoon to write a longer, more interesting post than the one I'm writing now. This is just a little something to keep you going, written quickly in the gap between the end of a seminar and the start of the following lecture.

For those of you living outside the UK/under a rock/in a house with no doors or windows, this week has seen virtually the entire country hit by the worst snow in nearly two decades. Whilst most of the UK's bloggers will be able to provide you with imaculate photos of deep snow covering everything up to a depth of 10 feet, taken with the latest, most expensive DSLRs, I'm going to offer you a few pictures of the 3 or 4 inches of snow that fell yesterday in Bristol, as recorded by the built in camera on my 30 quid Nokia. After all, I know you choose to read this blog because of its outstanding quality ;)

I took a couple of these as I left uni at around 3pm yesterday afternoon. The rest are taken around my apartment about half an hour later.

Sorry about the quality. Hope you like!

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